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The Middle School curriculum at St. Joseph Academy continues to support our students as they build on the strong academic foundation established in Elementary School while preparing them for sustained success in high school and beyond. Our Middle School faculty recognizes the learning opportunities unique to late childhood and early adolescent intellectual and social development. Our courses are structured to strengthen organizational and independent study skills and designed to engage critical-thinking skills as students grapple with the ideas and understandings of the world that surrounds them.

The goal of the middle school years is for students to develop study and learning skills that will prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. The Middle School curriculum is designed to: provide courses appropriate to the developmental level of the students, meet individual needs of students by providing enriched or support programs where appropriate, help students develop strong study skills, develop students’ communication skills in all subject areas, give students increasing opportunities for independent learning and provide opportunities for creative expression.


Reading and Writing

A workshop Curriculum, Grade K-8, aims to prepare students for any reading and writing task they will face as well as to assist them to turn into life-long learners, confident readers and writers who show agency and independence.

This curriculum has resources, instructional methods, and professional learning opportunities to support teachers as they work together with their students to accomplish their goals.

Units of Study in Reading, Grades K-8

  • Provides a comprehensive cross-grade curriculum in which skills are introduced, developed and deepened.
  • Supports explicit instruction in reading and strategies and offers time for extended reading
  • Provides strategic performance assessments to help teachers monitor progress, provide feedback, and help students set clear goals for their reading work.

Math Curriculum i-Ready Classroom

i-Ready Classroom is a collection of high-quality instructional resources that help students learn and grow by accessing grade-level materials. Grounded in best practice instructional design, these tools provide rigorous and motivating mathematics instruction that:


  • Engages students of all levels and backgrounds
  • Motivates students to persist in skill building
  • Provides scaffolded support that meets the needs of all students
  • Creates personal learning pathways for each student in i-Ready Personalized Instruction
  • Connects to i-Ready Diagnostic data so teachers can make informed teaching decisions


The Elementary Physical Education class focus is for all students to have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully participate in movement activities and healthy practices now and in the future. It is also important that students develop appropriate sportsmanship and social skills necessary to successfully participate in small and large groups. When students learn to enjoy a variety of movement and healthy practices now they are more likely to continue these practices for their lifetime.

Art is a universal language, a powerful tool for communicating ideas, expressing feelings, and recording history. Our young students learn by: looking at art, thinking about art, responding to art, and creating art. Students work collaboratively, sharing ideas and experiences. They learn to respect the different ways others think, work, and express themselves.

Our fully stocked library gives our students the ability to read and explore during their time in the library and at home.  Students are able to check out books to read when they are outside of school.

Technology is everywhere, and we believe it is critical that your child become comfortable and experienced using a variety of technology tools. Students will learn how to navigate and save on the computer desktop. They will also be developing keyboarding skills and utilizing numerous software and Internet based applications in word processing, research, curriculum enhancement and multimedia presentations.

St. Joseph Academy provides music classes for all age levels. Music activities include singing and performing, moving to music, playing classroom instruments, listening and analyzing music, learning music notation, experiencing music from other cultures, singing folk melodies, and creating/composing.  All students, with their classes, perform in both a Winter and Spring concert.

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