St. Joseph Academy held its annual Employee Awards virtually on August 17, 2020 to honor employees who had gone above and beyond this past year to lead with the Academy’s mission and values in mind.

The winners were chosen for providing exceptional service to staff, families, and the community. Additionally, winners were recognized for their quality performance, exceeding job expectations, and continued dedication and commitment to SJA. Winners were nominated by their peers and/or the Leadership Team. Joe Caruso, Director of Human Resources, presented the awards to the winners.

Congratulations to all of the winners! 

Teachers Choice Award (K4-8th grade)
Winner: Carmen Caballero, Bilingual Assistant Teacher

“A common strength that was mentioned was how she is able to serve students with behavioral issues with the most patience and understanding. And even, because of her natural gift of teaching, a fellow teacher referred to her as ‘the child whisperer.’”

Servant Leader Award
Winner: Diana Rios, Attendance Secretary

“This employee has a great honor of being voted most embodies our SJA Mission and Values, as for this is the foundation of our organization. Every day, she leads with respect, compassion, and love for all of our students, families and community.”

ECEC Employee of the Year Award
Winner: Eila Melendez, Lead Teacher (Infant)

“This employee is most definitely a woman of God. Not only is she a Lead Teacher, but she also serves as a true leader in her field. She has repeatedly shown her love and treats all of our babies with kindness, gentleness, and with a big heart.”

Employee of the Year Award (Service)
Winner: Bob Brzezinski, Maintenance Assistant

“Many of you see this employee around the building always helping out any way he can. Many have said that this employee always presents himself with our Felician Mission and Values showing through his actions and words. Even in the most fast-paced and stressful situations that come, you will never see this employee crack under the pressure!”

Employee of the Year Award (Leadership)
Winner: Kim Schubring, Resource Development Manager

“This employee always has the best interest of SJA at heart in her everyday work. One employee described her as half woman, half amazing! And that couldn’t have been better said! The livelihood of SJA is very much supported by the hard work and dedication of this employee.”

Employee of the Year Award (Support Staff)
Winner: Brenda Rodriguez, Enrollment Coordinator

“Without her hard work and dedication, we would not have the amazing students and families that we have enrolled here at SJA. Although her duties are heavy and very demanding, she always finds time to share her creativity and lends a hand across the Academy.”

Teachers Choice Award (ECEC)
Winner: Lila Resendez, Toddler Assistant Teacher / Administrative Assistant

“Many of the staff said that she has personally helped them better themselves as educators and calls this recipient a ‘true team player.’ This employee also has the ability to turn those terrible two frowns upside down in a matter of seconds!”

Employee of the Year Award (K4-8th grade)
Winner: Teresa Reilly, 5th Grade Teacher

“(Principal Scott Hanson) consistently receives overwhelming positive responses from her students’ parents. This employee also always acts in a professional and positive spirit. One of our Sister’s stated and I quote, ‘You can just tell when you walk in a room that she is in, that she is a true Catechist.’”

Blessed Mary Angela Award for Exceptional Leadership
Winner: Dr. Tabia Jones, President/CEO

“This award is new to SJA, as well as the Teachers’ Choice Award. The Leadership team got together and decided that we need to honor this employee, especially this year, as she is our backbone, heart and soul of our organization at this point in time.

This person demonstrates exceptional executive leadership to the entire organization, and has continued to show that as we execute our plan through COVID, and any other situation we may occur. This person is someone many of us call a Coach, Mentor and Friend – and is always there for any of us, even if it’s a quick email or text at midnight!

She invests in her employees, 100%, because she cares about their whole self – personally and professionally. That reason, among SO many others, makes her such an amazing leader for SJA!

One of our Sisters shared a beautiful quote that I would like to read on her behalf:

In the words of Blessed Mary Angela, the recipient has shown ‘a humble love which expends itself; a generous love which forgets itself, a strong love which is not afraid of pain, a stable love which does not change, a patient love which can bear everything, a fervent love which never weakens, and a constant love which never falters.’”


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