Hello, SJA Parents!

I had planned, today, to provide you with a clear “this is our general approach for August 27th and we will fine tune the details from now until then” kind of a message.

Unfortunately, there is still not enough clarity to make that determination this early in the game.

Other districts have been publishing their plans, however, there are many other districts and schools, particularly private schools, who are still hammering out details and trying to keep up with the ever-changing reality of the virus’ impact on daily life for staff, parents, and students. Mrs. Arboleda and I are meeting with schools around Milwaukee twice a week through City Forward Collective to work collaboratively to find solutions that fit best for each individual school.

Furthermore, Wisconsin is not doing well with the virus, as you may have heard. Data suggests we are trending in the wrong direction because of the choices people are making, just within the last 14 days and with a concerning outlook for the next 14 days.

Thus, I appreciate and ask for your continued patience, understanding, and input. We are taking steps to get the building ready for in-person learning and are also taking steps to get technology ready for distance learning. Our ideal goal, of course, is for in-person, but we are positioning ourselves to be ready to respond in the way that best maintains the health and safety of all.

I will try to give more regular updates from now on, as I believe you deserve to know what is being considered and what the most recent information or plans are.

Please know that whichever way we go, your children can remain SJA students and will receive learning, whether it’s in person or distance. You do not need to find a different school. Over the summer, we have purchased Chromebooks for all students K5 and up and are working on getting WIFI capabilities for families who may not have it.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a tricky start to the year. We will need to support each other and help each other. However, I have faith that God will lead us through this, especially with the spiritual guidance and support of the Felician Sisters. We will RISE UP together and fulfill our mission!

Thankful for YOU being part of the SJA Family.

Scott Hanson
SJA Principal


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