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Greetings, SJA Families,

After only a week and a half of a rapidly developing situation, here is some information that I hope answers some questions for you and keeps you informed of SJA’s next steps forward.

Based on the developments here in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, as well as across the nation, and given the current “indefinite” mandate of school closure from the Governor of Wisconsin, we are preparing and planning to not resume the normal School program at the building for this academic year. That said, if the state lifts the mandate and says it is OK to resume normal school activities before June 9th, we will happily comply with the mandate and do our best to finish the year strong. Assuming the closure continues, however, we will arrange a day in June for students to come in to collect their personal items.

While not at the building, the academic year will continue through Tuesday, June 9th, but will have to be conducted through Class Dojo and/or Google. Students should expect to be following their teachers’ directions, suggestions, and guidance from now until then.

Starting Monday, March 30th, teachers will continue offering learning opportunities to their students via Dojo or Google and will provide a specific learning activity for students to accomplish each day, Monday – Friday.

Teachers will also communicate the names of units or topics of study that the learning activities fall under. This will help students and parents seek out their own resources if they want more.

I will update you in the future about what this means regarding report cards for 3rd and 4th quarter.
As for meals, you may continue to pick up meals, but in a new way. Please call the office between 9am – 1pm if interested to learn more about this.

Logistically, please honor the fact that our staff’s families are also managing their way through this pandemic, so please do not expect immediate responses to your questions via Dojo or Google. Teachers will try to reply within 48 hours. Staff may also turn off notifications after 4pm and before 7:30am, so they may not see your question until the next day at the earliest.

We truly love our SJA families and are trying our best to support you. We are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Hopefully, all of us continue to make the right choices over the next few weeks so that this virus subsides. It won’t do so without us changing our normal routine temporarily.

Join us in praying for the mandate to be lifted sooner rather than later so we can get back to doing what we love the most: educating and caring for your children at our home away from home, St. Joseph Academy!

In the Spirit,

Scott Hanson
St. Joseph Academy


Dear ECEC Families,

Bill Gates purports that we all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

Included in my initial communication about the reopening of the ECEC, I asked for your suggestions in regard to financial solutions.  Thank you kindly to all of you who responded.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated and hopefully SJA’s response will meet your approval.

The ECEC will still plan to reopen on May 4th, 2020, pending no other mandates; however, we did reconsider and shifted the weekly charges expectation.  In regard to being charged weekly,  if you are a private pay family, only half of your fees/bill will be due for April.   If you receive W-2 support, please make your payment as usual but a co-pay is not required.  If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact Jodi Hazen at

Please know that we value and appreciate you choosing us. We also appreciate you for being a part of the SJA family.  Because of our care and concern, this is another attempt on our end to continue to be supportive of your needs.

Thank you again for your feedback! Also, if you are in need of supplies or want to utilize our on-site meal service, please contact me.

Continued prayers to each of you during this unprecedented time.


Karrie Krueger
ECEC Director


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