“To pray when things were challenging. To be neat and organized. To be prepared at all times. To breathe and gain calmness or tranquility when things got a little chaotic. To just take it day by day.” – Brianda Carrillo, Administrative Services Manager at St. Joseph Academy, on what she learned when she worked in the classroom with Sr. Paula Mary Palasz

In honor of Catholic Sisters Week (March 8-14, 2020), we wanted to spotlight the Sisters we have on staff at St. Joseph Academy. Meet Sr. Paula Mary Palasz, a Before School/Floater Teacher that joined our team one year ago. She has been a Felician Sister for 48 years.

Read her story below:

Sr. Paula Mary Palasz cares for one of our students at St. Joseph Academy.

I grew up in South Milwaukee with my parents. I was the fourth child born of eight children.

I became a postulant, “a beginner sister,” in the Felician Community at 19 years old. After much support from family and community, I completed my undergrad and graduate studies at Loyola University. I made my Final Profession as a Felician Sister after my time of formal formation. I decided to become a sister because it seemed right for me. I have always been happy being a sister. I know that God called me to the religious life and one of service within the church to grow as a person and develop in my spiritual life and care for others. As a sister, I had such wonderful experiences of growth and learning about people and their individual journeys.

One example of such a meaningful experience had to do while I was taking part in the Pilgrimage for Vocation in the Santa Fa Diocese for 11 years. The pilgrimage took part annually at the end of May and was a wonderful time to connect with the southwest culture and the spirituality of the people and the young people who walked the 100-mile pilgrimage in a week. As Vocation Director, I also took part in leading the parish retreats. I treasure the times I spent with young adults and the opportunity to know families members and how God worked in their lives.

God continues to lead me in my life’s journey as a Sister following in the spirit of Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi and foundress of my congregation, Blessed Mary Angela.

I truly love being a sister and growing in my spiritual life with the other sisters and people I minister with.


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