Scott Hanson, Principal, Lucia Arboleda, Assistant Principal, Roel Vivit-Mason, EL Regional Director, and Melissa Wilhelmi, Senior Consultant develop training goals for Management in the Active Classroom & Assessment in Daily Instruction.

In order to remain competitive and progressive as well as to properly prepare students for their futures, the administration recognizes the need to do more to support student learning. To that end, SJA will partner with the Expeditionary Learning (EL) Foundation to receive professional development and coaching for the teachers.

The EL Model offers Real-World Curriculum, Invigorating Instruction, Assessing Student Learning, Respectful Culture and Leadership. Training will be provided to follow the EL philosophy and arrange outings and experiences to reinforce student learning. 

Promoting this program to prospective students, parents, and staff will help maintain enrollment, retain quality instructional staff and continue a positive work environment.

EL schools have found the addition of EL to have a positive impact. Specifically, better test scores and increased student confidence have been just a few of the measurable impacts. These are the components of individuals who are considered lifelong learners and problem solvers who can truly make a difference in our world. 

 Expeditionary Learning Schools are models of comprehensive school reform based on the educational ideas of German educator Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound. There are more than 150 Expeditionary Learning Schools in 30 US states.  Fifteen EL schools are located in Wisconsin.


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