Racing in the Pinewood Derby as a Boy Scout is great fun and a memory the Scouts will never forget.  Those who participate design their own racing vehicle, working with their parents to build it; then the most exciting part of the Pinewood Derby, competition day.  When you race in the Derby, you learn craft skills, the rules of fair play, and good sportsmanship, win or lose.

The Pinewood Derby consists of small wooden car models that the Scouts create with the help from their families.  Our very own race consisted of about 71 races in which groups of 3 grand prix cars raced down the track to the finish line.  In the end, we had first, second and third place winners!

Winners Circle:
First: Marty
Second: Anthony
Third: Samael

These three Scouts walked away with a trophy and every Scout was recognized for taking part.  Always remember that in Boy Scouting, it’s more important to Do Your Best than to come in first.  The big thing about a derby isn’t the competition or the prizes, it’s the fun you and your family had together.


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