In honor of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr the students collected loose change and “green backs” to help support a family through Heifer International.  This is a sustainable group that helps to eliminate poverty by providing a means for a family to have food and earn income.  Heifer International will train the family in environmentally sound sustainable farming.

SJA students worked toward the Honeybee gift donation.  This includes honeybees, hive, box and training in beekeeping techniques.  This gift could help a family from 18 different countries including Mexico and Ghana.  The honeybee gift will help a family by boosting income through sale of honey, wax and pollen.  It will stimulate growth of the family’s crops through pollination and also help with their neighbor’s crops thus having larger yields for fruits and vegetables.

SJA students, in giving the gift of honeybees demonstrated the Felician Core Values  of respect for human dignity through the gift of a family being able to support themselves; compassion with children helping children; transformation by improving on hunger and giving a sustainable means to support a family; solidarity with the poor by an ongoing gift that will help them fight poverty and by justice and peace – children helping children in need worldwide. SJA students raised $400 which will be able to help 13 different families with 13 honeybee packages.  This gift is the gift that will keep on giving.


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