We kicked off the 2013-2014 school year with a bang on September 3.  272 students and 25 teachers filled the hallways of SJA with excitement and anticipation.  There were many familiar faces mixed with new faces.  Mr. Beadle welcomed students with high-fives and smiles. He leant a comforting hand to those students who had first day jitters.  Mr. Beadle welcomed in the new year with the help of the third graders reminding us of our three R’s, “Respect + Responsibility = Reward”.

This year there were three classes added bringing our total to three K4 classrooms, three K5 classrooms, three 1st grades, two 2nd grades and a third grade.

In preparation for the added classes, there were renovations over the summer to convert two classrooms into three.  Beyond physical preparations there needed to be staff and schedule preparations as well.  The school day was extended to account for a more productive learning environment, and 10 new staff was added.

This year students will be exposed to a variety of special classes to expand their learning and expose them to new experiences. Students will spend time in the library and check out books to read at home while learning to love reading.  Students will participate in music classes leading up to several performances.  Students will get to experience the visual arts in art class and work to expand their creativity. Students will get to focus on their physical health and wellness though work and play in gym class while also learning to work as a team.

This year is geared up to be an exciting adventure for students and staff!


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