Here's how we help your child succeed

St. Joseph Academy is committed to providing your child with the very best in care and education. With those goals in mind, we have carefully selected curriculum and assessment programs that are:
• Based on scientific research that studies how children learn and develop
• Respected by education professionals
• Designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students and learning styles

Creative Curriculum—infancy through preschool

This program has a track record of more than 30 years and is widely respected for its rigorous, research-based approach to curriculum and assessment.

The Creative Curriculum program gives our teachers valuable tools to develop activities, integrate education into their learning spaces, choose books and more. The program includes monthly themes that help to keep learning fresh and encourage children to explore and try new things while building skills in a variety of areas.

Reading Wonders—our elementary school program

This groundbreaking literacy program helps children to learn and grow by incorporating elements of daily life into the curriculum.

Everyday Mathematics

This comprehensive and well-respected program is used in over 220,000 classrooms across the country. It is designed for children in PreK-6thgrade, links math to everyday situations, and encourages children to use multiple strategies for learning. Curriculum can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of students, regardless of their learning style.

Our Assessments

St. Joseph Academy students participate in ongoing, regularly scheduled assessments. These help us to better understand your child and identify areas where they do well or might need extra help. Over time, they’ll help us to better understand how we compare to other schools in the area and the state. Some tests can be given in Spanish when needed.

ASQ (Ages & Stages)—a series of questionnaires that can be used for children from infancy through six years of age. It’s a tool that helps our staff to catch developmental and social/emotional delays and address any needs that your child might have.
PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test)—a verbal/visual test that asks children to match a picture to a spoken word.
EVT (Expressive Vocabulary Test)—assesses which words a child can understand vs. use in speaking/writing.
ACCESS– this assessment is designed for English Language Learners and monitors their bilingual understanding.
Forward– This national testing monitors students’ educational progress.
MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)— used to measure math, reading, language arts and science skills and supports the State of Wisconsin Common Core curriculum. This test is given to our students starting in K4. This test is computerized and results are available immediately making it a wonderful tool for our teachers.