infant & toddler



We are committed to providing your infant and toddler with a loving, nurturing environment that supports them physically, educationally and emotionally.  Our teachers are committed to working with you as your child embarks on the first steps of learning and exploring the world!


Infants are more apt to learn in a warm and nurturing environment.  At the core of our child care learning environment is relationship building and establishing connections based on trust.  Strong supportive relationships provide infants with the context for developing interpersonal skills and operating successfully in the world.


In addition to our 6am - 6pm childhood education center hours, SJA is now providing second shift childcare from 2pm through 11pm for all children ages 2 through 13.  One meal and snacks will be provided.  If interested or want more information, contact Karrie at or at 414-645-5337 ext. 245.






At this age, children are starting to interact with others and increasing their awareness of themselves and their emotions. At SJA, we develop social skills activities to help your child understand relationships with others, including classmates, family, friends and community members.  Our teachers will also help your child learn to share and respect others. Your child will learn to take turns stacking blocks, assisting teachers and other children with clean up and playing.



Children are beginning to understand their world, while thinking critically and creatively. Infants develop the ability to pay attention and to engage and interact with others.  Toddlers are learning new vocabulary, perfecting how they move through their environment and making connections with others.  At SJA, our teachers give your child new experiences to build their imagination as we foster their cognitive development.



We will work with your infant as they begin learning to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements.  As the child transitions from infant to toddler, our teachers will continue to help the child develop the large muscle groups, like in the legs and arms.  They will begin to climb stairs, safely, in our age-appropriate indoor and outdoor playgrounds.



Our teachers will guide your child in developing communication skills by effectively using sounds, expressions, body language and finally oral and written language.  Toddlers will begin using words more to express their needs and to identify familiar people and objects.  SJA teachers work to improve your child’s vocabulary.  For example, when your child points to something, the teacher will name the item and ask your child to repeat it.



Fine motor skills are developed in the small muscle groups like those in our fingers and hands.  At SJA, toddlers are encouraged to do things by themselves like washing their hands and using a fork and spoon to feed themselves.  Toddlers have many opportunities to practice their skills throughout the day.  Our teachers encourage them to work at their own speed so they feel successful in the skills they are developing.