St. Joseph’s Women’s Club Fall Luncheon

Please come and enjoy the day with the St. Joseph’s Woman’s Club! The St. Joseph Women’s Club is hosting the Fall Luncheon at the Clarion Hotel on October 3, starting with social hour at 10:45 and lunch at 12:00 noon. Tickets are $26.00 and attendees may choose form a stuffed pork chop, honey butter glazed salmon or chicken cordon bleu.  Please call Jackie Bagrowski, the reservation chairperson at (414) 427-0020 to reserve your spot!

The St. Joseph Women’s Club is also currently welcoming new members, so come and meet the current members and learn what the St. Joseph’s Women’s Club is all about!

Click here to view the invitation and fill out your reservation form for the Fall Luncheon!

What’s new in K5?!

Here’s a letter from Barbara Cannizzo regarding what’s been going on in the K5 classrooms: Welcome to a new school year!  We have so many fun and exciting things planned this year for our new K5 students! It has been such a great first week in K5! The children are picking up on routines very quickly. Here is what we have been up to:

  1. Getting to know one another through social play and classroom games
  2. Practicing Learning centers and Center rotation
  3. Outlining classroom rules and promises
  4. Determining classroom jobs and assigning weekly helpers
  5. Practicing our morning meeting and calendar time
  6. Baseline assessments
  7. Whole group reading related to classroom themes (Who am I?, School/Kindergarten, and Misunderstood Animals)
  8. Math activities and games

Please remember that curriculum night is September 18, from 4:00-6:00 P.M.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Assessments and Curriculum for Fall 2012!

Erin Lenar, Special Services Teacher at St. Joseph Academy, created some documents to help educate parents about the Assessments Program. The Assessment Program at St. Joseph Academy identifies the educational needs of individual students including advanced achievement that indicates accelerated instruction and deficits that require intervention.  Assessments are based on the child’s age, grade and developmental achievement.  This program is used to make sure each and every child reaches their potential. Click here to read more about St. Joseph Academy’s Assessment Program!

In addition to the assessments program, we also have an informative piece on the curriculum for each grade level here at St. Joseph Academy. Parents can see what their children are learning and help them achieve their goals. Click here to learn more about what your child will learn during the 2012-2013 school year!




Thank You United Way!

Meet Olivia, one of St. Joseph Academy’s hard working and motivated five year olds.  Olivia’s favorite activity is to play outside, but reading and looking at books is a very close second. At St. Joseph Academy Olivia is learning the skills necessary to become a lifelong learner, and which is an important goal at St. Joseph Academy.  If children enter Kindergarten with the right skills, they are far more likely to succeed, that’s why we set academic standards that children are required to meet by the end of each school year.

St. Joseph Academy’s teachers and staff are devoted to the education of all the students, but we couldn’t do it alone. United Way of Greater Milwaukee invests more than $1 million in early childhood education programs and St. Joseph Academy’s reading and literacy programs are two of the funded programs that are made possible by United Way. Thank you United Way for enhancing the education and the future for all of our students!

Check out this video to see Olivia and staff members of St. Joseph Academy.